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Top Five Tips for Selling Your Home During a Pandemic

Guard and Protect Your Construction Job Site

Huge Price Increases Jeopardize Project Outcomes

Rules for Workers in Your Home During COVID-19

Prefinished Wood Products Pose Installation Challenges

Delaying Your Project May Save You Money

Affordable, Attainable Workforce Housing is Essential

New Options in Garage Doors Offer Imagination

Five Ways to Earn a Gold Star in Home Repair

Housing Costs, Sales, and Starts Are Creating Uncertainty

Properly Designed Stairs and Railing Can Prevent Falls

Six Tips for Fire Prevention during Summertime

Habitat for Humanity School Construction Projects—A True Win-Win Situation

Wood Framing Benefits for Affordable Housing

Six Tips for Selecting the Right Patio Furniture

National Housing Starts Plummet during Pandemic

Top Five Home Preparations during Hurricane Watch

Don’t Go Too Small on These Five Design Features in Your Home

Expect Delays in Building Products Because of COVID-19

Grass, Bushes, or Flowers?

It’s Time to Encourage Going off the Grid

Quickly Crank Up the Economy with Affordable Housing

10 Inexpensive Quarantine Projects that Add Value to Your Home

Check the Zoning before Buying or Building

Building a Virus and Germ Resistant Structure

It Is Home Buying Season—Are You Interested?

Do Not Hire an Unlicensed Contractor

The Pros and Cons of Residential Metal Framing

Home Gutters Are Essential in Central Florida

Details Matter

Avoid Damage from Post-Construction Cleanup and Touchup

Construction Projects Are Not Legos®

Expect to Pay More for Delivery of Materials for Construction Projects

Be Wary of Pressure Washing Your Home

Start Planning Your Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Can You Really Afford to Sell Your Home?

A Christmas Prayer for Those Without a Home

2020 Housing Forecast Looks Weaker

The Wrong Time to Start a Home Improvement Project

4 Must-check Items When Buying an Older Home

How To Hire The Right Cabinet Installer

When Buying Real Estate, Hire a Professional

Students Should Consider a Career in Construction

Tips for an Easy, Affordable Water Well in Winter

5 Biggest Obstacles to Building and Remodeling

Around the House: Myths About Water Intrusion in Windows and Doors

Lowering Interest Rates Will Not Create a Housing Boom

Items You Should Not Go Cheap On When Building

Repurposing, Recycling Must Be Encouraged In Construction

Know the Signs of a Poor Plumbing Job

Around the House: Gig economy exploding in Lake and Sumter

All You Need Are Four Walls and a Roof

Hurricanes Aren't Your Home's Biggest Threat

Set Jobsite Standards to Save Money and Time

Don't Get Caught Without a Building Permit

Details, Schedules Matter with Custom Homes

Community Rallies for LHS Habitat Project

Clean and Repair Rather than Buy and Replace

Who is Buying Real Estate in Lake and Sumter?

Thoughts on the Local Micro Real Estate Markets

Cordless Technology Helps Homeowners in the Yard

The Best Way To Handle Construction Disputes

Unscrupulous Homeowners are a Problem for Contractors

Great Recession Housing Lessons Being Taught Again

Something Old Is New Again With Interior Doors

Not Your Grandmother's Mobile Home

Hurricane Season Is Fast Approaching

Sometimes Home Inspections Are Not Enough

Accidents Often Occur Within a Comfort Zone

Episode #2 featuring Angela Taylor, Manager of Frank Slaughter Insurance

Most Online Reviews Are Worthless

Tips for Hiring a Competent Project Manager

Episode #1 featuring Chuck Shoop, Manager of RoMac Custom Door and Millwork Shop

Are Impact Fees Unfair?

Housing Will Not Cause The Next Recession

Take Charge of Construction Planning

KNOW WHAT'S BELOW: Call 811 before digging.

Beware Of Fast-Talking Window Salespeople

Not All Treated Lumber Is The Same

What to know before using power equipment

Low-cost ways to help secure your home

Insurance shouldn’t require good roofs to be replaced

How to Save a Truckload on Building Supplies

Matching Your New Roof with Your Preferred Style

Strategic Planning for Your Upcoming Home-Improvement Project

How Long Should Your Next Home-Improvement Project Take?

Home Improvement: DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor

Pairing Your Inner DIYer with the FL Home Supply Team

Things to Consider When Searching for the Right Moulding for Your Home

When to Replace Your Roof

4 Factors That Help Determine Home-Improvement Project Wants vs. Needs

Why Choose FL Home Supply Over the Big-Box Stores

Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Things to Consider When Establishing Your Next DIY Project’s Budget

What to Consider Before Diving Into a Crown Moulding Project

An Introduction to Deck Installation

Installing a Deck: What to Consider

Getting to Know Home Moulding

9 Things to Check If Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Deck Jargon: A Glossary of Deck-Related Terms Used for Installation

An Introduction to Roof Installation

Interviewing Your Contractor

Breaking Down Contractor Lingo

The Hidden Costs of Your Next Home Improvement Project

5 Home Improvement Tips to Remember Before Your Next DIY Project

Getting Your Foot in the Door with Home Door Installation

An Introduction to Home Door Installation

Home Doors: What You Need to Know

Window Shopping: What to Look For

An Introduction to Window Installation

Understanding Your Window Options

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