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Home Doors: What You Need to Know

Home Doors: What You Need to Know

Jun 27, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by FLHomeSupply

Adding a new door can significantly improve the look, feel and value of your home. Whether you’re putting in a new front door or replacing a bedroom door in your home, there are a few general things you need to know before getting started with your installation. Here are some to start with:

  1. A permit is required for installation (exterior doors only).
    Because an exterior door directly affects the envelope of a house, it’s required by law that it’s installed properly—especially in a state like Florida, where there is a higher number of tropical storms, hurricanes and other extreme types of weather. To ensure your door is approved in your region, verify all products and installation instructions have been cleared with your local building department. Otherwise, you may face a number of fines or you may need to purchase another new door that meets your area’s code.

  2. Door sizes vary between manufacturers.
    In order to ensure your home door fits perfectly in your home, be sure you understand the actual opening and rough opening sizes needed for the door and jamb. Or, if you’re just replacing the door alone, measure the hinge placement from the top of the door to the top of each hinge. Then, measure the center of the door and jamb bore. Precise measurements of the old door will make for an easy replacement.

  3. There are three main materials to consider for exterior doors: fiberglass, steel and wood.
    Many popular door manufacturers offer a wide range of styles, designs and sizes in either fiberglass, steel or wood. Fiberglass is one of the best choices, as it’s highly resistant to wear and tear, it requires very little maintenance, it’s smooth in texture and it can be painted or stained in a way that makes it look a lot like real wood. Steel is also a great choice, as it’s generally inexpensive, it requires little maintenance, it’s energy efficient and it provides a sleek look. Wood is another great material to use, as it is good at resisting wear and tear, dents and scratches; it’s comparatively inexpensive and offers a polished look when painted or varnished.

  4. Manufacturers offer a variety of features for entry doors.
    Many doors are available with added features for convenience or style. Some of these features include adjustable thresholds, glass inserts, and rails and stiles, which offer everything from weather-tight protection and effective insulation, to added attractiveness and more.

For more information about home doors, download our complimentary checklist below or see our exterior and interior door options online!

Getting Started Checklist: Home Door Installation

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