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Matching Your New Roof with Your Preferred Style

Matching Your New Roof with Your Preferred Style

Oct 13, 2016 10:15:00 AM / by FLHomeSupply

Choosing a roofing product can be challenging. There are a lot of things to consider, including cost, brand, material and more. But one of the best parts about selecting a roofing product is picking out the style and color you want, and seeing how it matches with your home and the surrounding environment.

Here are some ways to help you determine what products will work best with your particular home.

  • For a rustic and romantic look:
    For those seeking a rustic look to match a similar environment, two strong colors to choose from are brown and red. Brown is ideal for homes with brighter exterior colors, as it allows them to look richer and more vibrant when placed near each other. Similarly, red can appear both romantic and refined, while also strong and bold.

  • For a calming and neutral look:
    A happy medium between black and white, grey offers a neutral backdrop that’s perfect for experimenting with other colors on the exterior of your home. Choosing a darker grey, like a charcoal or a pewter can create a very classic look that’s also a good neutral.

  • For a balanced and bright look:
    Choosing colors like beige and gold for your roof is a great way to add warmth, sophistication, quality and brightness to your home. It can be a great neutral, as it is versatile with a variety of other colors.

  • For a soothing and sustainable look:
    Two great colors for this type of look are green and blue. Green represents balance and renewal, and reflects a sense of nature and earthiness. Blue can be both calming and vibrant, blending well with its surroundings and offering a soothing resemblance to the sky and the sea.

Explore some of the roof colors and styles that could fit well with your home using the GAF® Shingle Style Guide or the Owens Corning® DESIGNEyeQ® Visualization Experience, showcasing some of the featured products available through FL Home Supply.

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