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An Introduction to Deck Installation

An Introduction to Deck Installation

Aug 22, 2016 10:30:00 AM / by FLHomeSupply

As with many DIY home-improvement projects, deck installations can be complex. From choosing the right styles and products for your space, to meeting the local building codes in your area, there’s a lot to think about before tackling this type of project. That’s why FL Home Supply is here to help.

Take advantage of this helpful introduction to deck installation that is sure to help with the installation process as a whole:

  • Begin by asking yourself some questions.
    Prior to jumping into installation, ask yourself a few initial questions—questions like: What type of deck do I want to install? How big do I want (or can) it be? Do I know what the local building codes and requirements are for this installation? Am I familiar with the terminology associated with decks? Once you’ve answered these basic questions with certainty, you’ll be best prepared for your installation.
  • Adhere to the code.
    Whether you’re replacing a front door, installing a new roof or adding a deck to your backyard, there are certain local building codes that must be met before starting any major project that affects the envelope of your home. Ensure you know what the Florida building code requirements for decks are, and become familiar with the proper steps needed to meet them.
  • Choose your lumber.
    If you’ve yet to make a purchase, take the time to look into your options. Certain styles of decking may seem right for your space, but it might not actually be the best fit or most durable option. If you’re looking for decking composite from a brand you can trust, consider the Trex Select® Decking options offered through FL Home Supply.
  • Prepare your toolbox.
    Be completely ready to start getting your hands dirty by prepping your toolbox with some of the basics, such as a circular saw, a screw gun, a level, a tape measure, a framing square, a rasp, a plumb bob and more. There are many other required tools for this installation, but those will depend on the lumber type, deck size and style of your deck.
  • Gather the right materials.
    Similar to the previous point, it’s essential to have all the proper materials needed, too. These materials can include things like blue chalk, post caps and anchors, water-repellant finish, joist-hanger sealer, ready-mix concrete, and more. And again, depending on the lumber type, deck size and style, there may be a variety of different materials needed for your installation.

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