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Stone Wool Insulation Offers Home Solutions

Due to modern advances in technology, the products used in the building material supply are evolving to provide more than just one benefit to the contractor and homeowner. For example, plywood can now be bought with protective covering to take the place of felts, and lumber can be pressure treated with borate to stop termites. Instead of buying a product for just one application, the more versatile a product is, even though it may be more expensive, it can provide labor and additional product savings which in the long-term gives the construction project more value.

In the world of home insulation, the advent of stone wool insulation is providing a unique value proposition for contractors and homeowners. Stone wool insulation is unique in that it is made by combining molten rock and minerals with steel slag in a high-speed spinning process that creates a light-airy almost cotton candy substance which is not heavy but provides outstanding benefits as an insulation. It’s different than traditional fiberglass insulation in that it doesn’t use a kraft-face paper backing to staple into studs in the wall, but it uses friction to remain in place. Additionally, unlike fiberglass and cellulose insulations in the attic, stone wool insulation has virtually no shrinkage, rot issues, or bugs, varmints and other critters cannot feed off it.

Rockwool is the leading manufacturer of stone insulation in the world, and they have manufacturing facilities in North America which have made the product more accessible, especially in Florida. Rockwool makes a home insulation that is branded as Rockwool Safe’n’Sound® which does so much more than just providing insulation to the project. There are some key long-term benefits, especially for senior homeowners in Florida, that make it worth the additional 30 to 40 percent investment over normal insulation.

Rockwool Safe’n’Sound® provides, in most cases, par and above par R-values for the contractor and that truly depends on the application on the project. Long-term, the R-value maintains itself for the life of the project because it doesn’t shrink. As the years go by this product should provide greater savings in heating and cooling costs.

Because it is made of steel wool, Rockwool Safe’n’Sound® provides outstanding fire protection and it can withstand heat up to 2150ºF. Paired with fire rated drywall and other products, a homeowner or contractor can achieve 1-hour fire ratings which can save lives during house fires.

The biggest benefit for seniors is that this insulation provides significant sound absorption. When coupled with a solid interior door, Rockwool Safe’n’Sound® could provide calm in a home with a senior who has difficulty hearing and tends to turn up the volume on their electronics. If you are continuously telling your spouse to turn the television down from a bedroom, steel wool insulation may be the answer. The sound absorption of steel wool insulation is truly amazing, and for homeowners who live very close to neighbors on zero lot lines this could be the difference in restful nights of sleep.

The other big advantage of Rockwool Safe’n’Sound® is that it is moisture resistant. If the product gets wet due to flooding in the house or a leak in the roof, it can be dried out and it is very resistant to mold and mildew. Steel wool insulation by the nature of its ingredients can’t absorb moisture, which is unlike other insulations because once they get wet, there is normally no alternative but the trash.

Rockwool Safe’n’Sound® is a perfect example how innovation in the building products industry has developed an insulation which not only provides and exceeds the specification for insulation, but it is also provides protection against fire and water damage as well as offering sound absorption solutions for homeowners who struggle with peace and quiet.

When making decisions on your next construction projects, look closely at products that can provide more than just one solution and add to the value proposition of your project.

Don Magruder is the CEO of Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply, Inc., and he is also the host of the “Around the House” Show which can be seen at AroundtheHouse.TV.

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